Debt collection. Professional. Friendly. Effectively.

We are a young debt collection company that benefits from our employees' decades of experience. We always negotiate with the debtor in a humane and friendly manner, but are tough on the matter.

All services

Our range of services includes the purchase of receivables, debt collection service and debt settlement

Debt collection

With friendly and professional handling, we can collect debts very effectively


This describes the purchase of claims and assertion in your own name. We buy your claims. Contact us

Filing for bankruptcy

In cases of absolute unwillingness to pay, we work towards insolvency proceedings

Payment order

The dunning notice is the first step in the judicial dunning procedure. We will apply for dunning notices for you.

Enforcement order

A writ of execution is an enforceable title that has been obtained through the judicial dunning procedure.
Picture of Walter Horz
Managing Director

Walter Horz

Our management

Our team around managing director Walter Horz is constantly working to find the best solution for all parties. Decades of experience and expertise, as well as the necessary sensitivity, characterize our team.

Walter Horz

Obergerichtsvollzieher AD Walter Horz erhielt für sein langjähriges Engagement von der Aktion Plagiarius die „Ehrennadel für Plagiatsbekämpfung“. Er setzt sich also schon seit vielen Jahren für das geisitige Eigentum und die Wahrung der Rechte der Urheber ein.
Even in his many years as a senior bailiff, he was always understanding for the problems of the individual, but tough on the matter. He now continues this shot at Burgschild. Under his leadership, creditors come to terms with money and justice, and debtors can be confident that an appropriate balance of interests will take place and that debts will be settled as far as possible.

Our mission

A quote from our managing director

Debt collection is our passion. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations and make all cases a success.

Walter Horz